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Research on the Model of Promoting the Training of Applied Talents in Mechanical Specialty by Cooperation between Government, School, Industry and Enterprise

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.327


Wang Kaibao, Zhang Zhanguo, Sun Lixia, Lu Xiangyan

Corresponding Author

Wang Kaibao


"Four-party linkage": that is, the government, industry, enterprises and schools jointly participate in the reform of Vocational education, the government plays a leading role, industry plays a guiding role, vocational colleges as the main body of teaching reform, enterprises as the main force of teaching reform. Beihua University, on the basis of actively integrating the resources of "government, school, enterprise" and vigorously promoting the cooperation between schools and enterprises, attracts advanced educational ideas and high-quality educational resources, which not only helps to improve the comprehensive quality of students, but also helps to serve the local economy and cultivate highly skilled talents with an international perspective for the society. This paper introduces the exploration and practice of the mode of integration of government, government, enterprise and school, and summarizes the relevant experience and practice of this mode.


Application-oriented personnel training, School-enterprise cooperation, Tutor participation, Vocational education, Educational philosophy