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The Application of Flipped Classroom in Full-English Teaching of Microeconomic in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.325


Guojiao Zheng

Corresponding Author

Guojiao Zheng


With the development of globalization, a growing number of Chinese students plan to further study aboard. Traditional teaching model cannot meet the needs for these students. Under this circumstance, “flipped classroom” is a new teaching model in recent years, emphasizing the student-participation activities to expand students learning interest. The Full-English teaching of microeconomics can introduce this model to improve English speaking and broaden international horizons. Based on the author’s analysis and practical experiences, this paper discusses the necessity of Full-English teaching in microeconomic curriculum, and then analyzed the benefits of flipped classroom teaching method in practical experiences. Finally, we summarized the application of flipped classroom microeconomic course, hoping to provide references for the development of college economic education.


Microeconomics, Flipped Classroom, Teaching research