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PSR analyzes the real reason leading to the demise of the Qin Empire

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.324


Ziyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ziyan Zhang


With the discovery of archaeology, the violent rule of the Qin Dynasty is not in line with the facts, such as the fictional products of descendants such as the Alfonso. Even though the Qin Dynasty’s laws were harsh, many political slogans against the Qin Dynasty also had many problems. This paper firstly uses CITESPACE software to analyze the shortcomings of the academic community based on the principle of measurement statistics, and discusses it on this basis. Next, the establishment of the pressure-state-response model (PSR), based on the theory of social class contradictions and the many shortcomings of the class itself, explores the real cause of the demise of the Qin Empire, and finally concludes that the Qin Empire died of improper treatment of class issues. Based on the conclusion of the class contradiction, this paper puts forward some opinions and suggestions on the historical thoughts and research fields of some scholars.


Measurement statistics, PSR, class contradiction, real reason, confirmation bias