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Role Positioning and Path Selection of College Counselor for Psychological Health Education of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.320


Zhang Weiwei, Nie Hui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Weiwei


College students are important talent reserve for the continuous development of China’s social economy, so the nation pays high attention to college education. With the increasing number of college students, the psychological health problems of college students are prominent. Thus, colleges and universities shall take reasonable education methods and promote students’ physical and psychological health. Counselor is responsible for students’ ideological and political education and psychological health education, and carries out supervision on students’ daily behaviors. Due to students’ physical and psychological immaturity, and impact from various unhealthy thoughts in the society, college counselors shall transform their role positioning and choose reasonable education path, to guarantee the effectiveness of psychological health education and lay a solid foundation for students’ growth and development.


College counselor, psychological health education of college students, role positioning, path selection