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Exploration on the Management Mode of English Teaching Platform Based on Internet Technology Personalization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.313


Zhu Yusheng

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yusheng


With the further integration of educational technology and subject teaching, various new teaching ideas and teaching methods have been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Both the teaching manager, the educator, and the learner can use an exploration and practice mentality to try to use new technologies and new ideas to promote and improve the effectiveness of teaching. The application of new technologies, especially the application of multimedia and network technology, is under the network environment or the classroom environment. This new stuff has infiltrated the learning of various disciplines; whether it is the frontline teacher or the graduate student of this major, Experts are fully involved in the practical application of new technologies and concepts. The integration of information technology and learning has gone through the period from the use of information technology as a school’s information literacy curriculum to the use of information technology as a learning tool to the use of information technology to create a learner-centred learning environment. Information technology and classroom integration are an important measure for teaching reform. Through information technology, teachers, learners, and teaching environments can be effectively integrated. Only in a harmonious classroom environment, combined with real and effective teaching processes and learning activities can the students' quality education and personality be fully developed.


Modern information technology, Network technology, Personalized multimedia technology, English teaching model