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Research on the Construction of English Reading Flip Classroom Teaching Mode Based on Intercultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.312


Zang Yufu

Corresponding Author

Zang Yufu


With the increasing attention of higher education, the university teacher and education scholar all over the world are contributed to explore the innovative teaching model. English as one of the most popular and widest application language is a compulsory course in national education science primary school. The current situation of English teaching is that merely limited in the class time and text book, so that the university students have accepTable reading and writing ability while the listening and speaking ability is too poor to normal communication. For better university English teaching effect, the inverted classroom based on cross culture communication has been introduced as a creative education model. The cross culture ability is the higher requirement for better language application, which emphasize more about culture situation. The inverted classroom is a innovative education theory that invert learning activities during class time and after class compared with traditional teaching model. The invert classroom could improve the self-learning ability of university students with the inversion role between students and teachers. The following paper highlight the specific teaching strategy of inverted classroom English teaching based on cross culture communication that includes combination between language structure and cultural knowledge, the respecting of culture difference, and the consideration of western and eastern value.


English Teaching, Inverted Classroom, Cross Culture Communication, University Students