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Research on TEM-4/8 and IELTS Computer Rating Model Based on Rasch Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.310


Hu Jianhong

Corresponding Author

Hu Jianhong


Based on the multi-level Rasch model, this paper compares and the scores of college teachers' scores in English composition and the quality of peer assessment, and the feasibility and necessity of introducing peer evaluation in writing teaching. But overall, the scoring results of the two types of scorers have a high degree of consistency, thereby effectively improving the scoring effect, enriching teaching methods, and enhancing the effectiveness of English writing teaching. This paper evaluates the construct validity of the project by investigating the underlying structure of the TEM-4/8 and IELTS grammar vocabulary project and the factors that influence the construct. The expert judgement method was used to collect the evidence of content validity. The Rasch model the effect of the response of the title question on the validity of construct validity, and the confirmatory factor analysis was used to understand the construct of the project. The results of the study show that the contents of the test sites are very consistent; most of the topics are fitted to the model, and the project has good one-dimensional characteristics. The answers to the questions are basically independent of each other. However, the project is more difficult than the candidate's ability. Lead to a few difficult topics that do not fit the model and contribute insufficiently to the construction of the project; Grammar and vocabulary belong to two very relevant but independent constructs


Rasch Model, TEM-4/8, IELTS, Computer Rating Model