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Exploration on the Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges with Professional Background

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.307


Qiu Zheng

Corresponding Author

Qiu Zheng


Entrepreneurship is an important means to provide jobs and increase market vitality. Unlike foreign countries, several important revolutions have been carried out together. Relatively speaking, the market may be somewhat laborious. At the same time, the main group of innovative entrepreneurship, College students, do not have a comprehensive and complete understanding of innovative entrepreneurship. Moreover, at present, according to the demand of the market, the "Internet +" innovation industry proposed is designed to make use of the Internet to innovate and integrate traditional industries, explore more industry lines that are more in line with the new era, provide more employment opportunities for the market, increase the vitality of our market and promote the trend of national innovation and entrepreneurship.


Professional Background, Colleges and Universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Practice