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The Water Scarcity: Imbalanced Supply-and-demand

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.15


Yanwan Huang

Corresponding Author

Yanwan Huang


Most countries are suffering the water scarcity. Our goal is to explain the reason of the water scarcity and predict the water resource conditions in the future. We establish a model to quantify the ability of a region to provide the clean water, set an index system to assess the water resource, and establish the prediction model to predict the water situation. By means of analyzing the related indexes of the water situation in numerous regions, we screen out the effective indexes to assess the water resource, and find out the relation between indexes and water supply-and-demand. We determine the weight of each index through the entropy weight method. Due to each index’s dimension is different, we standardize each index by means of the modified interval value transformation method to unify the dimension. Further, we make the water supply ability match with the water demand ability to meet the need of its population. We predicted each index’s value on the base of the NAR neural net prediction model.


Entropy method, NAR prediction model, Water scarcity, Supply-and-demand.