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On the Study of Higher Mathematics Teaching Reform Based on Professional Background

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.306


Jiutao Ding

Corresponding Author

Jiutao Ding


As an important basic course for students majoring in economics, management, engineering and medicine, higher mathematics plays an important role in imparting basic knowledge of mathematics to students, in terms of inheriting mathematical culture, enhancing students' mathematical literacy, cultivating students' ability to observe, analyze, generalize and solve problems. This course is offered for different majors in college. Whose teaching purpose aims to enable students to observe, Abstract, summarize and study things quantitatively through the study of knowledge carrier; to cultivate students' logical thinking ability; to improve students' application ability of mathematical knowledge, to understand the scientific consciousness of the real world, and to further study and apply modern mathematics for students according to their work needs. But at present, the problem in Higher Mathematics Teaching lies in students’ enthusiasm is not high and the curriculum provision is unreasonable. Which restricts the development of higher mathematics teaching? In the long run, these problems restrictthis restricts the cultivation of excellent professionals to a great extent. Which is not conducive to the development of society based on the analysis of the previous study of higher mathematics teaching, this paper aims to explore its teaching reform under the professional background.


Professional background, Higher mathematics, Teaching reform