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Discussion on the Training Path of Famous Teachers in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.305


Yan Liang, Feifei Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Liang


With the development and progress of the education system, colleges and universities increasingly need teachers with high skills, high standards and high quality. The formation of the famous teacher mechanism in colleges and universities has become a goal of teaching development. Its formation requires not only improving the quality of teachers but also improving the teaching operation mechanism of schools. Therefore, only by strengthening the standardized management of teachers, improving the personal qualities of teachers, and creating an environment suitable for the growth and development of famous teachers, can we cultivate outstanding teachers who are dedicated to their jobs, caring for students, and having professional skills. This paper analyzes the concept of the famous teacher in colleges and universities and analyzes its generation mechanism, thus reflecting the effectiveness of the formation mechanism of famous teachers.


Famous Teachers in College, Training Path, Discussion Method