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Discussion on the Problems of Cooperative Learning in Primary School English Group

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.303


Wan Li

Corresponding Author

Wan Li


This paper provides a brief introduction on the significance of English cooperative learning, and analyzes the existed problems in the cooperative learning of English groups in primary schools. Moreover, this paper puts forward the innovative grouping form to cultivate students' cooperative learning ability. Based on the content of teaching materials, we should set clear teaching objectives and carry out diversified evaluation activities. In this way, we can ensure the efficiency of group cooperative learning, clarify the division of labor, stimulate students' interest in learning, and set up reasonable teaching activities. Effective measures to improve students' English ability are aimed at teachers' rational use of group cooperative learning mode to further improve teaching level and effect.


Primary school English, group cooperative learning, diversification evaluation, Formulation of Teaching objectives