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Research on the Application of Big Data and Its Key Technologies in the Transition and Development of Border Local Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.297


Li Zimei

Corresponding Author

Li Zimei


In the process of transformation and development, Frontier Local Colleges and universities do not simply draw on the social service model of colleges and universities in developed areas, but proceed from the needs and characteristics of local development. With the development of economy, the relationship between talent supply and demand has undergone profound changes. The era of big data is an important period of transition from traditional educational research to scientific empirical research. Against the background of both challenges and opportunities, we should think calmly about the arrival of the era of big data. Today's society has entered the era of big data, and information is radiated at an extremely fast rate. In the process of transformation, colleges and universities increase the proportion of practical courses according to the training requirements of talents. The discipline construction of colleges and universities in the border areas has the same and different aspects as the discipline construction of the universities in the mainland. Frontier colleges and universities should attach importance to the discipline construction of applied discipline and continue to shoulder their due responsibilities and responsibilities in the development of frontier society.


Transitional Development, Big Data, Local Colleges and Universities