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Analysis on the Ways to Realize High Performance Human Resource Management in Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.294


Yang Dong

Corresponding Author

Yang Dong


The high-performance human resources management system can improve the role of the organization competitive in private colleges and universities. In order to ensure the quickly realize of private colleges and universities high-performance management system, through the study of its feature structures as well as other private colleges and universities performance management content and method, it shows that the high performance human resource management system is in the five contents to achieve consistency, including organizational structure, design tasks, information systems, compensation systems and employee training and system, to ensure that employees' job performance, work enthusiasm and initiative. For the private colleges and universities development process, because the market competition intensifies unceasingly, private colleges and universities want to maintain a strong competitive situation, it is necessary to make human resources management highly effective operation, at the same time to innovate mechanism and thinking mode for the entire human resources management in the private colleges and universities, to promote the rapid growth of private colleges and universitiess and employees.


Management characteristics, Realization, High performance, Human resource management