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Complementarity between Solfeggio and Basic Music Theory in Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.289


Yang Song

Corresponding Author

Yang Song


From the perspective of music teaching, basic music theory and solfeggio both occupy the basic position of music teaching. This is because that the above two teaching methods both focus on cultivating a good sense of music and enhancing the overall literacy of music discipline owned by students themselves. At the same time, the basic music theory teaching and the solfeggio teaching are closely related, and they both should be summarized as a mode of complementary relationship. Under this premise, with regard to the current music teaching, it is necessary for schools to pay attention to the teaching of basic music theory and the teaching of solfeggio, so as to ensure improving the comprehensive effect of music theory teaching on the basis of closely combining with solfeggio.


Solfeggio, Basic music theory, Teaching, Complementarity