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Analysis on the Specific Measures of Higher Vocational Tourism Talents Training under the Background of Smart Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.286


Ying Dai

Corresponding Author

Ying Dai


In the process of the actual development of network information technology, smart tourism has been paid extensive attention to. In the process of development of smart tourism era, it will have an impact on the positions of traditional tourism industry, and put forward more requirements on talents. The traditional training methods for higher vocational tourism talents can no longer meet the current development needs of the era. We should establish a correct sense of concept, explore the best training programs for higher vocational tourism talents according to the characteristics of the smart tourism environment and actual conditions, and build targeted personnel training and education system, reform and improve the relevant education work system, comprehensively improve the education level of tourism professionals, and lay a solid foundation for its follow-up development.


Smart tourism background, Vocational tourism talents, Training measures