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A Study on the Teaching of Percussion Music with Life Materials in Pre-school Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.285


Hao Shan

Corresponding Author

Hao Shan


In modern music education activities, percussion music is one of the most easily grasped contents for young children. In our country kindergarten music education activity, the percussion music of performance activity, the singing, and other activities, enjoys the same important position. Percussion teaching is an important part of music teaching in kindergarten. Percussion teaching caters to the characteristics of children's physical and mental development and enables them to place themselves in the rhythmic environment of music, stimulate their brains and stimulate their creativity. In teaching, we can use a variety of percussion instruments to achieve percussion teaching, and in response to the < 3 / 6-year-old Children's Development Guide > and < outline > We advocate the use of life-oriented materials in percussion teaching, enrich the form of percussion teaching, and stimulate children's spirit of exploration and innovation. The living material music teaching in this paper is to use the local materials in the life of pot, bowl, ladle, basin, water, stone and other materials. Carry out percussion music teaching activities in kindergarten. Teachers and children after repeated practice and exploration, summed up the fun game development strategy, image map promotion strategy, Explore creative extension strategies, as well as command strategies throughout the activity, which help teachers develop life-related materials more effectively Percussion teaching. At the same time, it also provides experience and reference for kindergarten to carry out life-related material percussion teaching activities in the future.


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