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Network Activity Characteristics of Youth Groups in Self-media Environment Analysis of Psychological Factors

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.283


Zhang Chaomin, Pang Ling

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chaomin


In the age of self-media, everyone has a "microphone". Self-media provides a golden opportunity for young people's online activities. The unlimited communication is the best praise and realistic portrayal of "voice" of self-Media in today's era. However, the misconduct and carelessness of young people's words and deeds combined with the negative combination of "Internet plus" itself has brought about many problems and faced many challenges for young people's network activities. Nevertheless, opportunities and positive energy are the main functions. The seamless connection between online and offline interaction brought by the media to young people's network communication is still enjoyable, so that young people leave the media like souls out of the body and become walking corpses. Therefore, what we should do well is to take some targeted measures to reduce the negative side of youth group's network activities in the self-Media environment, promote the positive side, promote the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages, and maximize the young people through network activities to achieve the double harvest of career and love.


Self-media, environment, youth groups, network activities, characteristics, psychological factors