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Research on the Reform Path of the Teaching Method of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities under the Modern Educational Idea

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.280


Qin Ruixia, Zhang Aiqin

Corresponding Author

Qin Ruixia


In the daily education work of institutions of higher learning, it involves the professors of various types of courses. As an important part of many factors that constitute a complete curriculum system, ideological and political theory course plays an indispensable role. The development of this course education can better help college students to establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values. Improve students'ideological and moral level and comprehensive quality. In the new era, ideological and political education in Colleges and universities is also facing a new postgraduate entrance examination. Relying solely on the traditional education mode of teaching methods has been unable to meet the reality.


University, ideological and political theory course, teaching, modern educational idea, teaching method, reform