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Research on the Innovation of College Students' Educational Management under the New Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.275


Liu Honghong

Corresponding Author

Liu Honghong


At present, China's information is developing rapidly, and mobile devices are almost one of the carriers of informationization. In particular, mobile phones are mobile devices that college students do not leave. Nowadays, China's emphasis on education is also constantly improving. Therefore, the use of new media technology to educate college students on the mode of education is the ineviTable development. University administrators should use this feature in a timely manner to innovate learning management and combine learning content with current new media technologies. You can take advantage of the current strengths of new media technologies to attract the attention of contemporary college students. This paper mainly studies the concept and advantages of new media technology, and deeply analyzes how the innovation and development of university students' education management should be developed under the new media technology.


New Media Technology, College Students, Education Management, Management Innovation