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Research on the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Specialized English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.272


Wu Hao

Corresponding Author

Wu Hao


Due to the continuous development of scientific and technological research in China, many scientific and technological fields have made major breakthroughs. In particular, network information follows the footsteps of the international community, and the development of computer multimedia technology is very rapid, and virtual reality technology has emerged. The development of virtual reality technology has brought great convenience to many industries. Virtual technology can be used in a variety of forms in the display space. Therefore, there are many industries that can be applied, and the fields involved are wide. According to the diversified features of virtual reality technology, it can play different roles in different fields. Strengths. Because of the emergence of new technologies, they will be applied in many fields of society. Therefore, the application of virtual reality technology in display space is of great significance. Specialized English teaching has always had many problems in the process of education development. In the current virtual reality technology, the application of virtual reality technology can solve the problems in the development of special English.


Special English, English teaching, virtual reality technology