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Evaluation Research on Standardization Construction of Provincial Government Online Administrative Examination and Approval

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.266


Xiaodong Qu

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Qu


As the constant development of information technology, the Internet has been a necessary tool of the society, and a tool of the administrative works. Nowadays, governments all over the country have been begun the construction of E-government one after another; it has made great contribution to the effective exertion of the governments’ service functions. Administrative examination and approval is the checking process that determines the applicants’ right of their social and economic life, and it plays an important role in protecting their legal rights and interests. From the perspective of traditional administrative examination and approval, the provincial government needs to make a final approval after many approvals that have been made by its subordinate departments, so the efficiency and quality of the examination and approval are low. Under the background of the development of E-government, the author of this paper analyzes the standardization construction of the online administrative examination and approval of the provincial government.


E-government, Administrative Examination and Approval, Standardization Construction