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Research on Electronic Technology Teaching Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.261


Li Wen, Jian Pan, Kang Yi, Jingna Cui

Corresponding Author

Li Wen


The teaching of electronic technology requires students to have the basic theory, knowledge and skills of electronic technology. In order to enhance students' interest in learning, improve students' practical ability and achieve better teaching effect, starting from the understanding of multiple intelligence theory and combining with the current situation of teaching of basic courses of electronic technology in Higher Vocational colleges, the goal is to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, teachers' enthusiasm for project development and experimental guidance. Design a teaching plan and apply this strategy and program to daily teaching. The research shows that through the analysis and test of the practical results, it is proved that the teaching of multiple intelligence theory can enhance students' intelligence level and academic level. Provide students with a diversified learning environment, and stimulate their multi-intelligence potential to further develop.


Multiple Intelligences, Electronic Technology, Teaching