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On Cooperative Learning in College Oral English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.253


Li Jian

Corresponding Author

Li Jian


Under the new situation of social and economic development, the communication within the world is deepening, and the English level of graduates is required to be higher among different industries and posts. However, contrary to the social situation, college students’ Oral English level is not ideal, which is the result of long-term influence of traditional teaching mode. Cooperative learning is a new teaching method, which has been applied in various disciplines to varying degrees. From the implementation effect, it not only promotes the communication between teachers and students, but also develops students’ knowledge utilization ability and effect, and cultivate all-round development of talents, which is the ineviTable product of the current environmental change. Therefore, this paper focuses on the application of cooperative learning in College Oral English teaching methods and effects.


College English, present situation of Oral English, improvement measure