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Research on the Application of Multimedia Teaching Method in Table Tennis Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.243


Jiangbo Liu, Zujian Li

Corresponding Author

Jiangbo Liu


With the growth of science and technology along with the development of society, all sectors of society have made remarkable progress under the impetus of science and technology. The same is true of teaching. Multimedia is widely used in teaching process, and multimedia teaching has won the favor of educators because of its vivid and intuitive characteristics. Most colleges and universities in our country have applied multimedia teaching not only to the teaching of cultural courses, but also to Table tennis sports, which have achieved good teaching results. But after all, there is a big difference between physical education and cultural courses, so the application of multimedia in the teaching process still needs to be studied in depth. Only in this way can the role of multimedia be really played. This paper mainly studies the application of multimedia teaching in Table tennis teaching, in order to be propitious to the development of Table tennis teaching in colleges and universities in China.


Multimedia teaching, colleges and Universities, Table tennis teaching