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On Causes and Countermeasures of English Learning Burnout of Vocational College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.241


Riming Huang, Yating Luo

Corresponding Author

Riming Huang


As a necessary subject in Higher Vocational Colleges, English teaching is not so difficult as that of undergraduate English. Teaching methods, contents, curriculum arrangement and learning methods adopted are also different from each other, but the final teaching results are often unsatisfactory. Students in Higher Vocational Colleges often have poorer learning results than undergraduates in learning English courses, which worth further deliberation by relevant workers. Among them, burnout is the main reason of poor learning effect. In order to improve the level of English teaching, this paper will analyze why Higher Vocational students produce burnout in the process of learning English courses, and how to avoid it.


Higher Vocational College student, English learning, burnout, cause and countermeasure