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Research on the Characteristics and Countermeasures of College English Teaching in China Based on Micro-course

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.237


Guoqin Chen

Corresponding Author

Guoqin Chen


English teaching should strictly implement the relevant curriculum reform regulations of the national education department, and pay more attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive English ability. The newly-developed teaching resource mode of "micro-lesson" has been applied in foreign countries and achieved good teaching results. By studying the deep combination of micro-course teaching resources and English classroom, this paper explores the necessity and urgency of implementing micro-course teaching resources in College English based on micro-course according to the characteristics of current college English teaching. The research indicates that the research on the characteristics and countermeasures of college English teaching should be strengthened, and the implementation of individualized teaching requirements and examinations, the transfer from basic English teaching to specialized English teaching and the consideration of China's college English teaching system are proposed.


Microclass, College English, Teaching Characteristics