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Research on the Service System of Student Volunteers in Yunnan Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.232


Yu Limei

Corresponding Author

Yu Limei


Course-based volunteer service for college students in Yunnan is an important measure to realize the normalization and high efficiency of volunteer service in Yunnan colleges and universities. It is conducive to improving the consciousness and initiative of college students to practice "contributing to society and serving others", and enriching the practical connotation of various volunteer service activities for college students. However, few college students can be seen in large-scale volunteer service teams. The reason is that the college students' awareness of volunteer service is too shallow, and they do not realize the contribution of volunteers to society. This thesis firstly expounds the theoretical basis of the volunteer service mechanism of college students, which is conducive to the readers and researchers' further reading comprehension, and summarizes and summarizes the current practice forms of college students' volunteer service. Through empirical analysis, it is believed that school arrangement, growth of knowledge, and socialization are the incentives for attracting and mobilizing college students to engage in volunteer activities, and propose countermeasures based on the analysis results.


College Students, Volunteer Service, System Research