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Research on the Training of Employment Ability of College Students under the Financial Crisis Based on Stakeholders

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.231


Bai Rui

Corresponding Author

Bai Rui


There are many reasons for the difficulty of employment, and the employment ability of college students is undoubtedly an important one. Based on the increasingly severe employment situation under the current financial crisis, combined with the connotation of College Students' employment ability and the current situation of employment ability, this paper studies the necessity of training and training college students' employment ability and how to implement the training of College Students' employment ability. In the context of the financial crisis, the cultivation of the employment ability of college graduates requires the scientific establishment of disciplines and specialties in Colleges and universities. According to the basic composition of employability, the capacity improvement system and activity system are effectively constructed to effectively improve the employability of graduates in long-term training. Using the theory of stakeholders to comprehensively analyze the employment problems of college students from the government, employers, universities and college students themselves, and put forward relevant suggestions in combination with the actual situation, in order to promote the smooth employment of college students.


Financial Crisis, College Students, Employment Ability