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Normalized Literature Analysis with the Theory of Innovation Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.228


Chen Qiaolin

Corresponding Author

Chen Qiaolin


With the rapid development of the global science and technology and advent of an new era, human slowly step into the era of knowledge economy dominated by knowledge and the production, circulation and consumption of its products. The advent of knowledge-based economy proposes a new requirement for the innovation ability of human. The article presents a normalized comparison and analysis into the theoretical literature about innovation ability training. A large number of achievements have been made in theoretical trend, research method, system construction and subject status of the innovation ability study. In summary, the current research results have been ambiguous in thinking model and transformation to form innovation ability. It is widely believed in the study on innovation ability that it is an organic bond of both intelligence factor and nonintellectual factor.


Creativity, innovation ability, cultivation of creativity