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Research on Optimizing the Development Path of New-type Agricultural Tourism Based on Accessibility Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.227


Fang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fang Zhou


Agriculture is an important model for the development of modern agriculture in China, and an important way to achieve a win-win situation between agricultural production development and ecological environment protection. This paper quantitatively analyses the coverage of the time-distance circle of traffic accessibility between the city and its surrounding potential source cities, and then estimates the potential tourist flow and its main passenger flow direction. Through the path optimization of the new agricultural tourism system, the reform of the system of emerging agricultural management entities under the Internet+ era means the improvement of the overall economic strength of the rural areas and the realization of economic development goals. Research shows that the development of multi-products and increased financial support to achieve the integration of urban residents and nature, while promoting China's rural economy embarked on the "characteristic development, green prosperity, sustainable development" road. It is of great practical significance for the development of rural tourism in China, the promotion of urban-rural harmony, and the acceleration of new rural construction.


Accessibility, Agricultural Tourism, Development