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Practice and Exploration of Talent Cultivation Mode in Applied Undergraduate Schools——Taking the Preschool Education Major of Shaanxi Institute of International Trade &Commerce as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.226


Xue Yuan

Corresponding Author

Xue Yuan


Diversified, high-quality and "pre-school education plus" applied undergraduate pre-school education personnel training mode is the ideal path for pre-school education professionals training, which can enable pre-school education professionals to have strong social adaptability and competitiveness, and adapt to the diversified educational environment and job needs. The training process of "preschool education plus" is centered on preschool education specialty, guided by diversified employment development, radiating various related fields, and realizing the training goal of high-quality applied talents by means of the training process of "production, learning, research, utilization and creation".


Application-oriented university, undergraduate, pre-school education, personnel training mode