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Exploring E-commerce Marketing and Application in the Background of Mobile Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.224


Zhou Jiang

Corresponding Author

Zhou Jiang


Under the background of the development of mobile Internet, the traditional retail industry is challenged and impacted. However, the development of e-commerce in our country is also facing the situation that security, thinking, marketing methods, promotion means are not connected with the mobile Internet environment. The author has carried on the research and the discussion to this. Summarize the shortcomings of mobile e-commerce, and propose an effective strategy to further develop mobile e-commerce. The results show that the commercial consumption model of e-commerce continues to develop due to the innovation of mobile network technology. It can be said that the mobile Internet has injected new vitality into China's development and will further change the way of development.


Mobile Internet, Electronic Commerce, Marketing and Application