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Effective Introduction of Excellent Traditional Culture Education in College Chinese Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.222


Kai Tianfan

Corresponding Author

Kai Tianfan


College Chinese education, as an important discipline to cultivate people's humanistic and scientific literacy, bears the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and inherits the essence of national culture. Introducing profound traditional culture into college Chinese education is particularly in line with the demands of College Chinese education. It is also an inevitable way to effectively improve the traditional cultural literacy of Contemporary College students. In view of the new model of innovative classroom teaching, we should guide students to read classical works extensively, enhance cultural connotations and feel the charm of their mother tongue. Through the analysis of the importance and practical principles of infiltrating excellent traditional culture in college Chinese teaching, this paper puts forward the feasible practical path of infiltrating excellent traditional culture education in college Chinese teaching. Studies have shown that traditional cultural education should be incorporated into relevant courses in higher education, enhance students' traditional cultural heritage, improve students' overall quality, and expand the far-reaching influence of Chinese teaching.


College Chinese, Cultural Education, Teaching