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Exploration and Practice of "Four Integration" Talents Training Model of Accounting Specialty under Cooperative Innovation Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.221


Cheng Yan

Corresponding Author

Cheng Yan


Institutions of higher learning are responsible for teaching, scientific research, social services and other social functions. But the most core and fundamental task is to train the talents needed by the society. Collaborative innovation is the realistic need to promote the connotative development of higher education, and is an important way to enhance the ability of independent innovation and development of higher education. Enterprises with good practice environment for talent cultivation are undoubtedly high-quality partners for universities to explore collaborative and innovative talent cultivation mode. Starting from the requirement of improving the quality of higher education for the cultivation of University talents, this paper analyses the ecological environment of university talents cultivation from the perspective of collaborative innovation. The operation mechanism of this reconstruction and selection is discussed. The "four-in-one" talent training model plays a role in promoting and demonstrating the construction and reform of educational technology majors in the same type of universities in China. Establish a win-win mechanism for all parties involved, and make a useful supplement to the research and exploration of the existing talent training model. At the same time, it can also provide useful reference for talent training in other universities.


Collaborative Innovation, Higher Education, Talent Training