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Research on the Application of Various Teaching Methods in the Course of Nonlinear Editing

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.218


Guangyang Xu, Li Zhou, Mei Zhang, Haiyan Yang

Corresponding Author

Guangyang Xu


Non-linear Editing is a customer course with strong practicality. Its main purpose is to train students' video editing processing ability and provide high-quality professional talents for film and television production industry. Under the background of the new curriculum reform, the teaching of the "Nonlinear Editing" course should emphasize the student as the main body, take into account the professional quality and comprehensive ability training, and flexibly use a variety of teaching methods to ensure the teaching effect. This paper analyzes and studies the application of micro-course, project teaching method, task-driven teaching method, case teaching method and brainstorming method in the course of "Nonlinear Editing".


Non-linear Editorial Course, Micro Course, Project Teaching Method, Task-driven Teaching Method