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Analysis on the Reform of Educational Structure in Undergraduate Colleges ——From the Perspective of the Cultivation of Knowledge-based and Highly-skilled Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.217


Yanming Zhang, Tengyun Lei, Rui Gao

Corresponding Author

Tengyun Lei, Rui Gao


Higher education is one of the important ways to cultivate professional talents. It has become an important prerequisite for improving social productivity and has become an internal driving force for promoting the overall progress and development of society. However, the actual development of the economy and society also restricts the development direction of higher education. This requires that higher education (especially undergraduate education) must fully understand the relationship between talent education and social real needs, and adjust the educational structure to implement coordination with social change. Knowledge-based, highly skilled personnel develop education.


Knowledge-based high-skilled personnel, undergraduate colleges, educational structure