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Research on the Educational Path of Mathematics History for College Students Based on the Cultivation of Core Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.211


Jinrui Wang

Corresponding Author

Jinrui Wang


As a course, the history of mathematics has been listed as a part of the professional curriculum system by more and more colleges and universities in China. To realize the all-round development of human beings, we should explore ways to cultivate students' learning ability, carry out quality education and cultivate their learning accomplishment to the present "core accomplishment". It not only marks the achievements of educational reform in different stages, but also reflects the process of continual integration of China's education with other countries in the world from theoretical research to reform practice. Based on the study of the curriculum setting, the value of curriculum objectives, the selection of curriculum contents and the history of development of mathematics history in Chinese universities, this paper puts forward the idea of mathematics culture as the foundation and the cultivation of rational spirit. The presentation of core literacy goals highlights the key competencies and personality developments that result from acquiring knowledge. It will also prompt us to think about how to define the objectives of the teacher education curriculum based on core literacy, how to construct the curriculum system, how to choose the teaching content and methods, and how to improve the evaluation methods.


History of Mathematics, Educational Reform, Core Quality