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Analysis and Guidance Strategies of College Students' Behavior Habits Based on Psychological Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.207


Lei Wenbin

Corresponding Author

Lei Wenbin


Behavior habits include moral behavior habits, learning behavior habits, life behavior habits, etc. To develop good behavior habits, college students need a long-term adherence, repeated training process, students must have a strong will and positive psychological quality. Psychological knowledge can understand the reasons for the formation of students' behavior habits, explore the students' inner potential, and fully stimulate the students' subjective initiative, thus encouraging students to form good behavior habits. Good behavioral habits can change a student's life, benefiting them for life, and improving students' well-being. The article mainly analyzes the behavior habits of college students based on the perspective of positive psychology, and proposes specific guiding strategies.


Positive Psychology, College Students, Behavior Habits