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Exploration and Practical Analysis on the Training Mode of Excellent Program Talents for Safety Engineering Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.206


Chao Yang

Corresponding Author

Chao Yang


Advanced Skills Education and Training Program" as a significant progress in innovative construction projects, focuses on reforming the current professional training program, strengthening cooperation between schools and enterprises, as well as students' innovative practice links, and strengthening social and practical skills. Based on the problems existing in the current analysis and safety engineering education, the excellent planning process of safety engineering experts at various levels has been adopted, starting with engineering innovation, comprehensive research and analysis, statistical analysis, engineering practice, feedback and evaluation. It is a unique model with excellent technicians' practice training as the mainstream. It provides reference for the future education of different experts in colleges and universities, perfecting the student innovation system, innovation platform and talent training mode evaluation mechanism. Advocate the curriculum system. This article will explore this topic.


Safety Engineering Major, Excellence Program, Talent Training Model, Efficient Education, Future Education