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Research on the Construction of English Writing Teaching Model from the Perspective of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.201


Han Rui, Yin Yanlin

Corresponding Author

Han Rui


In the process of writing teaching, we should constantly change our own teaching mode based on the development model of big data and keep pace with the trend of the times, and actively explore the ideas and modes of College English writing reform. This paper probes into and analyses the main problems existing in the process of College English writing teaching at the present stage, and puts forward the construction of College English writing model from the perspective of English writing teaching mode. Through the task-based teaching and process-genre writing method as the theoretical basis, to experience the English writing system, from the application of English digital writing task design. The research shows that the advantages of big data are fully utilized, the personal information technology ability of students and teachers is improved, and the corpus is combined with writing teaching, online and offline, to create a reasonable evaluation system. It can optimize the teaching of English writing in higher vocational colleges and improve the English writing level of students.


Big Data, English Writing, Model