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Cultivation of Athletes' Non-intelligence Factors in Track and Field Training Based on Sports Training Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.200


Chen Di

Corresponding Author

Chen Di


For athletes, physical training is the most important in their sports career. In the process of continuous strengthening of physical training, many educators neglect the teaching of how to deal with the world and how to improve the quality of life of athletes, which are collectively referred to as non-intellectual factors. The mastery degree of students' knowledge and skills is closely related not only to their intelligence factors, but also to their non-intelligence factors. It is suggested that while focusing on the training of athletes' physical fitness and technical and tactical abilities, they should develop their psychological quality in an all-round way and systematically apply the relevant theories of non-intelligence factors to track and field sports. Based on the analysis of the problems in the training of non-intellectual factors of athletes in the current track and field training, this paper discusses the role of non-intellectual factors in athletics training, and puts forward the importance of strengthening the training of non-intellectual factors and its training countermeasures. In order to promote the development of track and field sports, improve athletes' performance, and provide athletes with a good psychological quality.


Sports training, Track and field sports, Non-intellectual factors