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The Significance of Artistic Songs in Vocal Music Singing and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.198


Wang Yixuan

Corresponding Author

Wang Yixuan


The artistic genre of "art song" combines concise, imaginative and profound poems as lyrics and music created by exquisite means, which makes it irreplaceable charm of other musical forms. Art songs are a kind of songs that must be taught and sung in vocal music teaching in music colleges. However, in vocal music teaching in normal universities, there is a phenomenon that teachers and students pay far less attention to art songs teaching and learning. This paper first introduces the concept of art songs, and briefly reviews the current situation of vocal music and vocal education. Finally, it discusses the significance of art songs in vocal singing and teaching. Incorporating artistic songs into vocal music teaching is not only to allow singers to come into contact with works of various forms and different periods, but more importantly, to shape a singer in a multi-faceted manner in the connotation of artistic song works, so that vocal skills and emotions Expression and processing of works can rise to new heights.


Art Song, Vocal Singing, Teaching Significance