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Research on the Innovation of College English Teaching Model from the Perspective of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.195


Xin Dou

Corresponding Author

Xin Dou


The era of big data can be said to have brought great changes to people's lives, but also greatly affected the education of colleges and universities in China. The innovation of College English teaching mode is very important. Nowadays, society has entered the Internet era. As an important feature of the Internet era, Big Data has also been widely used in the innovation of College English teaching mode. In order to adapt college English teaching to the development of big data, it is necessary to innovate the English teaching mode and improve students' English practice and application ability. Colleges and universities should make full use of big data thinking and technology, improve the training methods of students' innovative ability from the aspects of teaching mode, educational concept and practice links, and continuously improve the quality of talents. Through continuous innovation in all walks of life, big data will gradually create more value for mankind.


Big Data, Colleges and Universities, English Teaching