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Problems and Countermeasures of College Counselors' Work under Popular Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.194


Li Danhua

Corresponding Author

Li Danhua


In order to provide new ideas for the work of college counselors under the popular education, the author probes into the problems faced in the work of college counselors at this stage, and puts forward some countermeasures. In the research, it is found that college counselors shoulder the responsibility of implementing ideological and political education, participating in educational management and cultivating "four possessions" talents for college students. It is the main force of college students' work. The quality of the counselor team is directly related to the quality of personnel training and the development of the whole school. Therefore, how to train a team of counselors with relatively stable, reasonable structure and excellent professional quality is even more important.


Popular Education, Colleges and Universities, Counselors Work