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The Application and Enlightenment of Cognitive Linguistics in English Vocabulary Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.193


Lan Peili

Corresponding Author

Lan Peili


Cognition is the acquisition of knowledge through psychological activities, which corresponds to the emotional will. Thinking can't be separated from the form, that is, the conceptual structure of human beings comes from the human body experience and makes sense based on physical experience. Cognitive linguistics believes that language is non-arbitrary and has its own unique methods in guiding English teaching, especially in vocabulary teaching. Vocabulary learning means not only increasing the number of vocabulary, but also deepening the depth and quality of vocabulary learning. Vocabulary learning is a very tedious project. This paper discusses the guiding role of cognitive linguistics in English vocabulary teaching. This paper focuses on the basic categories of vocabulary, semantic motivation of words and the deep relationship between polysemy of words concerned by cognitive linguistics.


Cognition, Thinking, English Teaching, Vocabulary Learning