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A Study on the Sustained Participation Behavior of MOOC Learners

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.192


Peng Nan, Liu Lu

Corresponding Author

Liu Lu


With the rapid development of MOOC (MassiveOpenOnlineCourse), the number of learners on the MOOC platform has increased dramatically. Compared with traditional education, MOOC learners come from a wide range of sources, and each learner's learning objectives and knowledge background are very different. This paper attempts to explore and quantify the learning behavior characteristics of learners in open data sets. It provides a reference for the design and development of MOOC platform and provides a basis for the improvement of curriculum teaching in MOOC platform. The study of learner participation is an important aspect of MOOC curriculum evaluation. In order to enable learners to achieve better learning results, we should take certain measures to guide learners to participate in curriculum interaction and improve learners'participation in curriculum.


MOOC, Learning Behavior, Learners