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Feasibility Study on the Transformation of College English EGP to ESP

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.191


Liu Lu, Peng Nan

Corresponding Author

Peng Nan


EGP (English for General Purposes) and ESP (English for Spe-cific Purpose) have become the two mainstreams of English teaching and research. ESP teaching has higher requirements for teachers, requiring teachers to have a solid English language foundation and teaching skills. EGP teaching is also based on needs, analyzing the specific needs of students' communication with internal communication level, and its curriculum design is closely related to demand analysis. At present, the reform of teaching quality in our country needs to strengthen the construction of undergraduate teaching team and high-level teachers, and explore effective teaching methods and models. The education system should strive to improve the professional quality of English and non-English related professional knowledge, and explore the suitable professional development direction with a positive attitude.


EGP, ESP, English Teaching