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Reform and Development of Applied Statistics Teaching in Contemporary Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.181


Liu Chengping

Corresponding Author

Liu Chengping


Statistics, as a compulsory basic course for all majors of Finance and economics in Colleges and universities, enables students to grasp the necessary statistical analysis methods and basic statistical index knowledge, so as to provide in-depth statistical analysis services. Whether it is the macro management of national economy, or the management and investment decisions of micro companies, enterprises and even individuals. Both rely more and more on quantitative analysis and statistical methods. The undergraduate statistics education in China's financial and economic universities should face up to and correctly solve these problems in order to achieve a healthy development across the century. This paper attempts to explore the teaching methods of statistical professional courses in the implementation process under the premise that the teaching training program is advanced, scientific and feasible. With a view to promoting the reform and innovation of the teaching methods of statistical professional courses. While adhering to the characteristics of statistical professionalism, the school should pay attention to the knowledge and ability of students in the school to have a wider applicability after entering the society, and become a multi-functional compound.


Statistics, Teaching, Reform