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Construction of Teachers' Self-development Platform from the Perspective of Higher Education Specialization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.180


Li Yue

Corresponding Author

Li Yue


Excellent teachers are the important guarantee of high quality education. There are still many problems in the professional development of university teachers in China. Under the guidance of the theory of teacher professional development and from the perspective of the specialization of higher education, it has become one of the trends to provide a brand-new platform for the independent professional development of University teachers. This requires that the professional focus and direction of teachers must be changed from management orientation to promoting the independent development orientation of teachers, and build a platform for new teachers to develop their own teaching ability, research ability and local ability. Constructing a platform integrating teaching training, personal reflection and teaching research will effectively overcome these problems and ultimately realize the professional and independent development of college teachers.


Higher Education, Teachers' Independent Development, Platform Construction